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About K&W Cafeterias

After serving our communities fresh, home-style meals for over 80 years, our K&W family has quite the story to tell.

About Us
Here, our family serves yours.

At K&W Cafeterias, we love family traditions. Ours is preparing delicious and affordable home-style foods from scratch — and we’ve been keeping it up since 1937.

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11 Locations

Today, K&W has 14 locations across NC and VA. Find your nearest location here.

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Made From Scratch

Nothing can replace a made-from-scratch meal packed with fresh ingredients. It’s the only way we know how to cook.

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80+ Years in Business

In 2017, K&W celebrated its 80th anniversary, and we’re looking forward to the next 80.

Our Food
Always fresh. Always made from scratch.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal — but K&W sure comes close. That’s because we’re passionate about home-style cooking, and we believe that making affordable meals from scratch is the only way to cook. We knead our bread dough by hand, use fresh raw vegetables and meats, and start our pie crusts with good old-fashioned flour, water, and butter.

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Fresh + Wholesome

You’ll never see a microwave used for cooking in a K&W kitchen. Each day, we prepare over 100 dishes from scratch, and we make everything in small batches to guarantee freshness and control waste.

Fruit salad and watermelon over ice
Healthy Choices

At K&W, we’re happy to offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle. Our on-staff registered dietitian is committed to identifying and developing healthy options that don’t skimp on flavor.

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Bake Shop

Our whole pies and cakes are famous at family gatherings around the Southeast. From coconut cream pie to cornbread, our bake shop has something for everyone — including plenty of no sugar added desserts.

Our Employees

The K&W experience is defined by our dedicated employees. Many of our staff members have been with K&W for over 30 years, with some over 40 years. From those who are in the kitchen and cooking at five in the morning to the individuals who serve our customers with bright, smiling faces each day — our employees keep our mission alive, and we’re blessed to have them on our side. If this sounds like the kind of work family you’d love to be a part of, let us know!

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