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Careers at K&W
Made-from-Scratch Opportunities

Looking for a place to work? At K&W Cafeterias, we fully embrace the notion that it’s more than preparing and serving delicious food; it’s feeding families and being part of something special.  Here, our family serves yours. Join our family that has been proudly serving local communities fresh, home-style meals with a smile for over 80 years.

With 28 locations in 4 states, there is plenty of opportunity to grow with this third generation, family-owned business and to help continue the legacy for years to come.And remember, at K&W Cafeterias, we believe that nothing can replace a made-from-scratch meal packed with fresh ingredients and served with pride. It’s the only way we know how to operate, and we want you to be a part of the team.

What You'll Gain

– 9 to 5 not your gig? We offer flexible scheduling – full and part time
– No late night hours
– Work / Life balance
– Competitive pay
– Numerous opportunities for growth
– Culinary training that’s not available in most restaurants

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